Popular Science: Best of What’s New 2007, lead producer

For Best of What’s New 2007, we began with the framework we’d created for 2006. The concept was the same: showcase all 100 products as individual pages. This year we had the additional challenge of delivering an interactive Flash animation to accompany the Innovation of the Year, as well as a need to style each of the ten categories uniquely.

We used a variation of the custom CMS we built in ’06 to generate the product pages and CSS to incorporate the variant color schemes for the individual categories in order to keep the 100 pages to one template. The architecture was only modestly changed. I collaborated with two design teams, one for the animation and one for the site design. I was also responsible for storyboarding the animation and working with the client at every step to verify the science was correct.

View the live site.

Popular Science: Best of What’s New 2007
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